Covid-19 Vaccination Process in Pakistan

Please find details about the Covid-19 vaccination process, list of vaccination centres and their timings.

Covid-19 Vaccination Process:
  • 18 year and above citizens are allowed Vaccination
  • You can go to any Vaccination Centre with CNIC
  • Send your CNIC No. on 1166 without “dash” (Example: 4230100180009)
  • Walk-in Vaccination is also available (without booking on 1166)
  • Send your CNIC No. on 1166 and get detail of your vaccine doses (1 or 2)
  • Vaccines are of two types : One-dose and Two-dose
  • After one-dose or two-doses, get Certificate from NADRA

Covid-19 Vaccination Centres in Pakistan:

Timings of Vaccination Centres:

All Centres : 09 am to 06 pm (FRIDAY Closed, SUNDAY Open)
Mega Centres : 24-Hours (All 7-days of the week)

Vaccination Certificate from NADRA:

For guidance about Vaccination Certificate, Click here

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  1. Dear sir/madam
    On 30-09-21 i have taken my first dose of vaccine from wapda hospital gujranwala the concern person inject me pfizer and also mentioned pfizer on their manual record but i got massage from 1166 for confirmation of vaccine the name was sinopharm the concern person not take seriously my matter now 6 days passed away i have already complained about changing my vaccine name on but my matter still pending so please guide me on this situation what I do…..
    Muhammad farooq saleem

    1. Dear Mr.M.Farooq,

      If Vaccine’s name is written “Pfizer” on the paper (or card) given to you by Wapda Hospital, then it is ok. When you will go for second dose, please check whether they are giving you the dose of Pfizer or not. If it is Pfizer, take the second dose. If vaccine is Sinopharm, you can talk them.

      At present, don’t give importance to 1166 and wait till the second dose. Do not take any appointment from 1166. Please go directly to the hospital with your original CNIC. Sometimes, the data of NADRA is not updated in time, but we hope your problem will be solved on second dose, InshaAllah.

      Best regards,

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