Get Prize Money on your Prize Bonds

Find out our guidance for collecting prize money of your winning Prize Bonds from National Savings and State Bank of Pakistan.

Office Timings:
At State Bank / National Bank / Commercial Banks09.00 am to 01.30 pm
At National Savings (only sale & purchase of Prize Bonds)
(FRIDAY 09.00 am to 12.30 pm. SATURDAY / SUNDAY CLOSED)
09.00 am to 02.30 pm
  • State Bank Branches:
    • State Bank Head Office, Merewether Tower, Karachi
    • Opp: Abdullah Girls College, North Nazimabad, Near Inter Board Office, Karachi
  • All Branches of National Savings (only sale & purchase of Prize Bonds)
  • All Branches of Commercial Banks
Search your Winning Prize Bond

Search your Bond on National Savings’ website:

  1. You are advised to go State Bank for getting prize money
  2. Keep original NIC with you
  3. Get from counter the Claim Form and fill it
  4. Fill separate form for each Draw
  5. If you are Filer (taxpayer), get print of your Active Taxpayers List (ATL) from counter
  6. Make copy of ATL print & get stamp on it from counter
  7. Attach with the Claim Form :
    • Original Prize Bond with your two signatures behind it
    • Two photocopies of Bond with your two signatures behind each copy
    • Photocopy of your CNIC
    • Photocopy of ATL print with stamp of counter’s staff
    • Submit the Claim Form on counter
    • Staff will take your Form and pay the Prize Money
    • Now State Bank does not return any bond to us
Useful Link:
  • Keep with you a pen
  • Keep some pins / gem clips with you for the Claim Form
  • Photocopy machine shops are available near Bank Branch
  • Can make photocopy of Form. Fill it at home & save time
  • Note the “Draw No.” & “Date of Draw” and fill in the Form
  • At State Bank door, staff keeps your mobile for security

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  1. Aoa. If prize bond list no match of my prize bond no than how i get prize money and what ratio will be apply. When i was purchased a prize bond i am not admit a filer. But after purchased become a filer how ratio apply for my prize bond….

    1. Dear Mr.Imran,

      Point-wise reply to your letter:-

      (01) Only at State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) you can get prize amount on your Prize Bonds.
      (02) In Karachi, SBP Head-Office is at Merewether Tower
      (03) Branch of SBP at SITE Area, Opp:Abdullah Govt.Women College, North Nazimabad, Karachi
      (04) Please go to SBP Head Office or its Branch, with your Prize Bond & its two photocopies
      (05) Put your two signatures on the back of Prize Bond and both photocopies
      (06) Take with you prize bond’s Draw Number and Draw-Date
      (07) Take with you original CNIC & photocopies. Attach one photocopy with each form
      (08) At State Bank, take the form from counter
      (09) Take separate forms for the bonds of 100, 200, 750, etc.
      (10) All the bonds of 100 will be written in one form. 200’s bond in another form
      (11) Prize amount will go only into your bank account. SBP gives no cash
      (12) SBP will not return original bond. Bond’s face value will also go into account
      (13) Take with you a leaf of cheque for noting Account No. & IBAN No. into the form
      (14) If you are Filer at the time of form-filling, tax is 15% and for Non-Filer 30%
      (15) You can get the Prize Amount on your bonds within six (6) years, after the Draw.

      Best regards.

    1. Dear Mr.Nauman,

      On prize of 18,500 :
      Deduction will be Rs.2,775 (15%) …. If your are Income-Tax Payer
      Deduction will be Rs.5,550 (30%) …. If your are NOT Income-Tax Payer


  2. Dear Sir,
    We need new old prize bonds in discounted prize if you can offer to us in big qty, then tell me

    Awaiting your kind response
    Best Rgds
    whatsapp+ 92 333 020 1711

    1. Dear Sir,

      We do not deal in any kind of Prize Bonds. Actually, we just give people guidance about information of draws, encashment of prize bonds, etc.

      Thanks & regards.

    1. Dear Mr.Hafeez,

      Yes, you can return the Prize Bonds to any bank.
      Last date for bonds of Rs.15000 is September 30, 2021.
      Last date for bonds of Rs. 7500 is December 31, 2021.

      With best wishes,

    1. Dear Mr.Hanif,

      Only State Bank of Pakistan can give you prize money.

      Thanks & regards,

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