CRC Form

Apply for Child Registration Certificate-CRC (or B-Form)

NADRA issues CRC – Child Registration Certificate (or B-Form) for children under the age of 18 years. Please see the procedure and other details below.

NADRA Office Timings:
Mega Registration Centers7 Days a week24 Hours
Normal BranchesMonday to Friday09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Centers / Branches:

For your nearest NADRA Center / Branch, Click below:

Fee Structure:
NormalRs. 5030 Days
ExecutiveRs. 50007 Days

NOTE : To see the Fee Structure in detail, Click below:

Documents Required:
  • Original CNICs of father and mother with photocopy
  • Child’s father name must be available on Mother’s CNIC
  • Union Council’s “Child Birth Certificate” (Original & copy)
  1. Visit of father and mother to NADRA office is compulsory
  2. Pay the Fee and get Token from the counter
  3. Officer will take fingerprints of father and mother
  4. Operator will enter your data and give you its Print
  5. Check well your data and sign on this form / print
  6. NADRA sends SMS on your mobile that Certificate is ready
  7. Get your CRC personally from NADRA Office on date
  • For fingerprints, avoid mehendi / dust / oil on your fingers
  • Keep with you enough change of money
  • Keep with you a pen

DISCLAIMER: Information and procedures are collected from various websites and sources. The information on our website is not meant to be used for official purpose. It may be rather different from data taken from sources, lacking timely updation. Please share your experience, if any, in our "Comments Section" or email at our to help improve our guidance.

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  1. My B Form has the name and CNIC No of my step mother the second wife of my father in My mother’s section while my mother is alive and also present in Pakistan my father lives abroad I want to change this name and CNIC to my original mother and CNIC,Pls guide how can I do it,Thanks.

    1. Dear Mr.Taha,

      Your case is genuine. If you contact NADRA Centre personally, they can surely solve this matter. The NADRA Officer will demand some documents as CNICs etc. After getting required documents / satisfaction, NADRA will definitely make changes in your B-Form, as per your request.

      Best regards.

  2. Tanvir Shah says
    hello sir,
    mere 3 bache hen me apne bachon ka b.form k liaye nadra office mdk gaya lekin sara din guzarne k baad unhon ne kaha k mother ko b le kar ana he, jab ke wo brain hambrigde ke waja se bed per he .jab ke uska i.d card b pruana he, mere pass bachon k brc fromunion council majood hen .pls mujhe guide karein me kaise b.form lesakta hon ,bachin ke school wale rozana kahte hen k b.form jama karwaien …please guide me ….

    1. Dear Mr.Tanveer Shah,

      Aap apni wife kay doctor say “Certificate” ki darkhwast karain. Doctor sahib say kahain keh woh certificate main likh dain keh Brain Hemorrhage ki wajah say aap ki wife (patient) mukammal bed-rest pay hain aur kaheen bhi aa jaa nahi sakti hain.

      Yeh Certificate lay ker ho sakay tau kisi doosray NADRA Centre tashreef lay jaen, yaa phir isi NADRA Centre main jaen jahan pehlay gae thay. Agar aap ka kaam na ho sakay tau NADRA ki Help Line : 051-111-786-100 pay call karain. Agar yahan bhi kaam na ho sakay tau NADRA kay iss link pay shikayat darj karwain…

      Koshish jaari rakhain, InshaAllah kaam zaroor hojaega.


  3. Salam sir
    Sir main ne form B banwna hai jis k liye mere pass child ka birth certificate nahi hai. Union council wale kehte hn AP nadra office jao with family apka from B ban jae ga. Wahan hi apk bachon ka record nadra mein aa jaye ga.

    1. Dear Mr.Shahid Nawaz,

      Union Council kay mashwaray pay amal kartay huay original CNICs kay saath aap apni wife ko lay ker NADRA Centre jaen. Agar ho sakay tau hospital say jaari-shuda apnay child ka Card aur record bhi saath lay jaen. Aap ka B-Form ban jaega.


  4. Hello sir

    I was married to indian national but my indian national husband died few years ago. I want to get B form for my son, he is staying with his grandparents in Pakistan. I am out of country and working. Is it possible that my parent’s can apply for B form? I have my husband death certificate only. Please also advise what documents are required?

    Thank you

    1. Respected Ma’am,

      We express our condolence on sad demise of your husband.

      As the guardians of your son, your parents can apply NADRA for B-Form (Child Registration Certificate) of your son. Following documents are required for this purpose:-

      (1) Your son’s Birth Certificate
      (2) Original & photocopies of your son’s passport
      (3) Photocopy of your CNIC/NICOP
      (4) Photocopy of your passport
      (5) Photocopy of your husband’s passport
      (6) Original & photocopy of your husband’s Death Certificate
      (7) Original & photocopy of your parents’ CNIC

      These are basic documents which are required by NADRA. When your parents will contact personally to the nearest NADRA Centre, the NADRA Officer will guide them furthermore. We hope, there will be no problem for your parents to get B-Form for your beloved child.


  5. Hello
    Pak Guide Team you are doing great work by guiding people in right direction.
    I have a situation. My wife is an afghan citizen and having POR (Proof of registration) from NADRA, Now the main issue is I have 2 children. How I will get the CRC for them and how they will get their NIC once reach to 18 years. And in case I want to move to foreign country what will be the procedure for my wife and children. Kindly guide because I have already went to the nearest NADRA center and also called on helpline but never got a clear answer.

    1. Dear Mr.Ghufran,

      Please visit the same Centre or any other Centre of NADRA with Birth Certificates of both children. On the basis of children’s birth certificates NADRA will issue CRC to you. In CRC, the NADRA gives a “Registration Number” to each child. This Registration Number will be child’s CNIC number when child applies for CNIC after reaching the age of 18 years.

      Whenever you decide to move to a foreign country, there should not be any hurdle if you and your wife have valid CNIC and PoR and your children have their names on Child Registration Certificate (CRC). Inspite of contacting NADRA, you may please contact Passport Office and try to get exact information/ details in case you wish to move to a foreign country.

      With best wishes,

      1. Thank you for Ur reply
        But my son doesn’t have passport. We will make his passport now. After b form.
        Please check and let me know

        1. In absence of son’s passport, NADRA Office will however accept son’s Birth Certificate. Once the NADRA Office is contacted, they will also guide for any additional paper, if necessary. Otherwise, they will issue B-Form for the child.


  6. Assalam Alikum.
    Me & my wife have Pakistan and Canadian citizenship both. Our children born in Canada and also they all have NICOP too. They all are under 18.
    Now we are living in Pakistan and want to get CRC for them.
    What’s the process for us?
    Do I need to take all of them to NADRA office?
    They ve Canadian Birth Certificates, do We need it?

    1. Dear Mr.S.A.Khan,

      For having CRC, please visit alone a nearest NADRA Office with following documents:-

      1) Your original NICOP/Passport(s)
      2) Children’s NICOPs/Passports
      3) Children’s Original Canadian Birth Certificates

      These are basic documents you have to take to the office of NADRA. If they ask any other supporting paper, you can provide them and. They normally issue Child Registration Certificate within 30 days.


  7. Asalamualaikum………my father passed away in 2011 and also got the death certificate from nadra. I want FRC of my father mentioning the siblings of him. but nadra officials informed that father’s FRC couldn’t provide because death certificate is already issued and database of nadra also updated. I checked my mother’s FRC in that information of one of my sister is missing the database. I also checked with my CNIC in which name of my also missing in the nadra database. what is the process of to update my all family data in one go. please guide.

    1. Dear Sir,

      For adding your sister’s name in your mother’s FRC and in the record of your CNIC, please visit the NADRA Centre with your following documents:-

      1) Your original CNIC
      2) Your mother’s original CNIC and FRC
      3) Original Birth Certificate of your sister with B-Form

      If any other information will be required, NADRA Officer will guide you and your problem will be resolved.

      Best regards.

  8. Hi
    I have 4 children and now I need CRC. I want to know that should I come to NADRA with my all sons and my wife or only parents are enough to come to apply for CRC.

    1. Dear Sir,

      You can also visit NADRA alone and there is no need to take along the children or your wife. Please visit NADRA with the following documents:-

      1) Your original CNIC
      2) Your wife’s original CNIC
      3) Original & copy of Children’s Birth Certificates, issued by Union Council

      If possible, please take with you any blood-relative as your father, mother, brother or sister (having their CNIC). At NADRA, when officer will enter your data in his computer, he will give you a print of that data. You blood-relative will attest this form/data. If no blood-relative goes NADRA with you, then perhaps you will have to get attested this form/data from any Gazetted Officer.

      You will get CRC (or B-Form) within 30 days.

      Best regards.

  9. Dear Sir,
    I am in Saudi Arabia, My wife passed away in 2014 and my children’s birth certificates are available at home in Pakistan but for the Form B the Nadra official said that the mother or father must-visit Nadra office for B form of children, so what I can do to get the certificate because as per their school Principal they could not attend the exam without submitting form B and I am in Saudi Arabia and my wife passed away, please response.

    1. Dear Mr.Shabbir,

      We hope you will please accept our apology for sending you our delayed reply.

      For the B-Form / CRC, the NADRA official wanted your presence but you are out of country. There is no online service available from NADRA for B-Form.

      This time, please send your any blood-relative as father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, etc. to any other NADRA Centre. It is possible that at this Centre the official may cooperate with your blood-relative. May be, NADRA will take any AFFIDAVIT (Halaf-nama) from the relative. Otherwise, the official will guide them properly. Say your relative to ask NADRA official if it is possible for you to give your fingerprints and photo at Pakistani Embassy or Consulate in Saudia for the B-Form.

      If there is no guidance from NADRA officials, please dial on NADRA’s help-line 051-111-786-100 for proper guidance.

      At children’s school, your relatives can give them application for allowing children to attend exams and whenever you will visit Pakistan from Saudia in near future, you will get B-Form from NADRA and submit to the school management.

      With best wishes,

  10. I have four children 2 Daughters and 2 Sons
    I already made CRC of 2 daughters.
    But my 2 children
    1. DOB 24-03-2010
    2. DOB 29-09-2013
    I have Birth Certificate of both the Children from Union Council.
    Is it enough to get the CRC of my sons

    1. Dear Mr.Mahmood Alam,

      The CRC (Child Registration Certificate) is actually a new name of Form-B. As you already have both sons’ Birth Certificates, issued by Union Council, you can surely apply NADRA for addition of both names in CRC.

      Best regards.

  11. My CRC form has an error in the date of birth. I am turning 18 on the 20th of January 2022. I have my Birth Registration Certificate issued by the union council with my correct date of birth and i have my school progress report from Class 8 with the letter head of the school with my correct date of birth. Unfortunately i do not have my matric certificate and by the time i get it, it will be too late to correct my CRC as i will be over 18. From the information I gathered it mentions that education certificate such as school reports suffice for changes upto 3 years. My question is will my birth registration certificate and Class 8 official school report card be sufficient enough to correct my DOB on the CRC to 2004 from 2005. Thank you.

    1. Dear Mr.Abdul,

      You can get corrected your Date of Birth on your CRC (Child Registration Certificate) on the basis of documents you already have with you. Please visit nearest NADRA Centre with following documents:-

      1) Your Birth Registration Certificate, issued by Union Council
      2) Class 8 Official Report Card, etc.
      3) Other supporting documents, if available

      NADRA will correct your DOB, InshaAllah.

      Best Wishes.

  12. I lost my child B Form he is 1 year old and now i need it for my child passport my husband is out of country what should i do and whats the requirement for lost b form

    1. Ms.Kanwal,

      There is nothing to worry. Please contact your nearest NADRA Centre with your original CNIC and your husband’s CNIC-photocopy or his CNIC Number. NADRA will issue for you the Duplicate B-Form.

      If NADRA demands, please get registered FIR for your lost B-Form. Please show the original FIR to NADRA and submit them photocopy of FIR.


  13. In my all documents till graduation and other documents with my father’s name my surname is written which is also written with my name also,but in my cnic with my father’s name surname is not written please help me how to add surname in my father’s name as its written in my all educational documents

    1. Dear Mr.Shiraz,

      You have explained that on your CNIC, your father’s name is without surname. On your father’s own CNIC, if surname is already added with his name, NADRA will easily add surname with your father’s name on your CNIC. Please contact NADRA with your all available documents and get perfect guidance from NADRA Officer. InshaAllah, NADRA will solve your problem.

      With best regards,

  14. I want to make my daughter’s B form but me n my husband doesn’t change status now v got separation ( not divorce) how can I registered my daughter on my name as I heard a new rule that u can registered your child on mother’s name

    1. Ms.Sana Ahmed,

      For making B-Form or CRC (Child Registration Certificate), please visit any nearest NADRA Centre with following documents:-

      1) Your original CNIC
      2) Photocopy of your husband’s CNIC (if available, otherwise no need)
      3) Your daughter’s Birth Certificate, issued by Union Council
      4) Your daughter’s Birth Certificate, issued by NADRA (if available)
      5) Original or photocopy of your Nikah-nama (in Urdu)
      6) Original or photocopy of Nikah-nama (in English), issued by NADRA

      NADRA will take further information (if needed) and will issue the B-Form (CRC), InshaAllah.


  15. Hi sir,
    Me and wife are german citizens and we both have poc, our son was born in pakistan and we want to apply for his german passport but german embassy told us to get child birth certificate from nadra i went to nadra today but they said apply online but there is no option online what i should do??

    1. Dear Mr.Asghar,

      As you told, you have no objection to follow NADRA’s instructions. But, if there is no option available online, please again contact NADRA and insist for completion of procedure at their own Centre.


  16. Sir may nay Smart nic k leye online apply kya to wife ka nic be data may apload kya tha to spouse ka nic expired hay wife gao May hay or 2year pehle expired ho choka hay ab may apnay smart card ka kya karon ? Ya phir online registration tracking id Jo nadra nay dee Hay osko cancel kardon. Kyu k hamare gaon may nadra office ke saholat nahi hay or mojay wapis KSA Jana Hay please help me.

    1. Dear Mr.Kabeer,

      Aap nay agar apnay Smart Card aur wife kay ID Card ka data online upload kar hi diya hay tau InshaAllah dono kay Cards ban kar ajaengay. Aap ki wife ka Card 2 years pehlay expire ho gaya hay tau phir bhi unka naya Card renew ho jaega.


  17. اسلام علیکم سر کیا حال ہیں آ کے میں پاکستان میں پیدا ہوا اور اب گریس مں حال مقیم ہوں میں پاکستان میں رجسٹریسن نہیں ہوئی میرے والد اب اس دنیا میں نہیں ہیں ہم 4 بہن بھائی ہیں 3 رجسٹر ہیں صرف میرا نام رجسٹر نہیں ہے مہربانی کریں کچھ انفارمیشن دیں میرے گھر والے یونین کونسل گئے تھے اندارج کروانے انہوں کے انکار کر دیا وہ آپ کے بچے کا اندراج نہئں کر سکتے

    1. بھائی اگر آپ کا شناختی کارڈ ہے اور اس میں آپ کے والدین کا نام درج ہے تو آپ والدین کے شناختی کارڈ کی کاپیاں لے کر ان کو نادرا آفس میں رجسٹر کروا لیں۔ اگر نہی تو آپ آن لائن بھی کر سکتی ہو اپنے فیملی رجسٹریشن سرٹیفکیٹ لین

      1. Dear Mr.Yousaf,

        Aap nay Mr.Ahmed Ali ko bilkul sahi guide kiya hay. Hamain bhi aap logon say help milti hay. Aap kay ta’aawun ka bohot shukriya.


    2. Dear Mr.Ahmed Ali,

      Aap Greece main hain lekin aap kay teen (3) behen bhai yahaan hain. Munaasib hoga agar yeh log Union Council ki bajae NADRA Centre say raabta karain aur apnay saath yeh documents lay ker jaen:-

      1) Agar mother hayaat hain tau unka original CNIC
      2) Teen (3) behen bhaiyon kay original CNIC
      3) Family ka Form-B (Bay-Form)
      4) Aap ka Birth Certificate
      5) Aap ka Matric Certificate

      NADRA Office kay paas tamaam record computerised hota hay, InshaAllah aap ka problem hal hojaega.

      Thanks & Regards.

  18. Respected Sir,
    I want to add word “Hafiz” with my father’s name as it is “Hafiz” on my Matric certificate.

    1. Dear Mr.Sajjad,

      In your father’s CNIC, if “Hafiz” is also added with his name then you can easily add “Hafiz” with your father’s name in your CNIC.

      Please visit any NADRA Centre with your father. Also take with you Matric Certificate and father’s original CNIC. NADRA will keep your original CNIC and will issue to you a new CNIC with addition of word “Hafiz” with your father’s name.

      Best regards.

      1. Thanks for your immendiate abd kind response.
        Word “Hafiz” was added on old manual card system. I entered my father name with the addition of Hafiz on my matric certificate. When my father renewd NIC, word “Hafiz” was removed in new card but word “Hafiz” still on my all educational documents. Currently word “Hafiz” is present on my father death certificate.
        So, should I remove word “Hafiz” from all my educational documents or NADRA will add.

        1. Dear Mr.Sajjad,

          It is very difficult and lengthy procedure to remove the word “Hafiz” from all of your Educational Documents. Instead, please visit NADRA Centre with following documents, for adding in your CNIC the word “Hafiz” with your father’s name:-

          1) Your original CNIC
          2) Your father’s old manual NIC
          3) If available, original of your B-Form
          4) Your father’s Death Certificate
          5) Original and photocopies of your all educational certificates/ degrees

          Despite of your efforts, if NADRA does not add “Hafiz” with father’s name, we think you may leave this situation as it is. If the word “Hafiz” is not added in your CNIC, no matter. In future, if you face any problem, you have so many other documents to justify the word “Hafiz” which your father used with his name.

          With best regards,

    1. Dear Mr.Maaz,

      Send any person’s CNIC number and CNIC Issue Date on 8009 and find his all family members’ names.


  19. I want to get my daughter’s CRC.i.havenot updated my cnic status to married yet but my husband has changed the status to married.Do I need to change my status to married also for applying for CRC of my daughter?

    1. Respected Ms.Rida,

      It is mentioned on our web page that following documents are required by NADRA for issuance of CRC (B-Form):-

      1) Original CNICs of father and mother with photocopy
      2) Child’s father name must be available on Mother’s CNIC
      3) Union Council’s “Child Birth Certificate” (Original & copy)

      Above point No.2 is important which says : “Child’s father name must be available on Mother’s CNIC.” Therefore, we think it is necessary that you first try to update your CNIC as per the marital status. After updating your CNIC, please read carefully each line on our web page and have the useful and easy guidance to get the CRC.

      With best regards,

    1. Dear Mr.Adeel Shaikh,
      It is not difficult to change your daughter’s name in B-Form and we are giving below the procedure:

      1) Please give advertisement in any two newspapers in which you will write that “I am changing my daughter’s name from A to D. All people are requested to call my daughter D not the A.”

      2) Advertisements may be given in newspapers as DUNYA, AMAN, QAUMI AKHBAAR, etc. Advertisements in these newspapers are low price and will cost Rs.200 or Rs.300 only.

      3) After the advertisements are published in newspapers, please take these newspapers to Union Council’s Office in your area. Show this to the UC Office and tell them that you want to change your daughter’s name. They will accept these advertisements. After some procedure, they will issue your daughter’s New Birth Certificate with new name.

      4) Take following documents to NADRA Office in your area:-
      (i)Original & copy of New Birth Certificate of your daughter (ii)Original or copy of old Birth Certificate of your daughter (iii)Your original CNIC and copy.

      Now, NADRA has no objection and they will issue you a new B-Form with new name of your daughter.

      Wish you good luck.

      1. I am Pakistani and I live in UAE , Duabi and I like to get CRC / B-Form for my 2 years old Daughter. She was born here in pakistan . but I am working in UAE i have NICOP.
        What is the process of obtain CRC for overseas Pakistani’s?

        1. Dear Mr. Abubakr,

          We are really very sorry that due to overlook we could not reply your message in time.

          We think, there is no “online” system by NADRA to get CRC / B-Form. However, if your wife is here in Pakistan, she can go to nearest NADRA Office and apply for CRC. They will issue CRC after some easy procedures. Following documents will be required:-

          1) Original CNICs of father and mother with photocopy
          2) Child’s father name must be available on Mother’s CNIC
          3) Union Council’s “Child Birth Certificate” (Original & photocopy)
          4) If your wife will go NADRA with any of her blood-relation as
          mother/ father/ brother/ sister, then no attestation of any Govt.
          Officer will be required on your application form

          If you will pay an Urgent Fee of Rs.500, CRC will be issued to you within seven (7) days. Otherwise, on Normal Fee of Rs.50, CRC will be issued within 30 days.

          NADRA staff will get your wife’s fingerprints and other data. She must avoid mehendi / dust or oil on her fingers. Otherwise NADRA staff will not take fingerprints of your wife and procedure will be late/incomplete.

          Sir, if you and your wife are in UAE, then whenever you or your wife visit Pakistan, you can make CRC after paying Urgent Fee of Rs.500/-.

          With best regards,

  20. I am Pakistani and I live in Los Angeles, USA and I like to get CRC / B-Form for my 3 years old Daughter. She was born here in USA. Me and my wife are from Pakistan and both have NICOP.

    What is the process of obtain CRC for overseas Pakistani’s?

    1. Hello Sir,

      We contacted NADRA on their helpline: +92 51 111 786 100. They told us that since your daughter was born in USA, there is no need of CRC for your child. They said that you please get NICOP online for your daughter. You can apply online easily through their link: For more information please call NADRA’s helpline. They are quite helpful and resourceful to respond your query.

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