Active Tax Payer List

Verify your name in Active Taxpayer List (ATL)

Verify or confirm your name in Active Taxpayer List (ATL). Find out guidance for verification / confirmation of your name in ATL.

Confirm your name in ATL:
  • Write the SMS in this style : ATL space CNIC No. (for example : ATL 1234512345678)
  • Send this message to FBR on 9966
  • FBR will send reply showing your Status in Active Taxpayer List (ATL) of income tax
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    1. Dear Mr.Ahmad,

      Active Taxpayer List (ATL) nikaalnay kay liay 9966 pay CNIC number (without dash) send kijiay:-

      ATL space CNIC No.
      ATL 1234512345678

      FBR aapko message send karega. Jawaab foran aata hay. Agar system open nahi hay tau kuch hours main aata hay.

      Best regard,

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