Duplicate NIC

Apply for Duplicate CNIC (National Identity Card)

If CNIC (National Identity Card) is lost/ damaged, get its Duplicate (Reprint) from NADRA. Please see the procedure and other details below.

NADRA Office Timings:
Mega Registration Centers7 Days a week24 Hours
Normal BranchesMonday to Friday09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Centers / Branches:

For your nearest NADRA Center / Branch, Click below:

Fee Structure:
NormalRs. 40030 Days
UrgentRs. 115015 Days
ExecutiveRs. 215007 Days

NOTE : To see the Fee Structure in detail, Click below:

Documents Required:
  • Your CNIC Number OR Photocopy of CNIC
  1. Officer will take your fresh fingerprints, photo and signatures
  2. For fingerprints, avoid mehendi / dust / oil on fingers
  3. When CNIC is ready, NADRA will send SMS on your mobile
  4. Receive your CNIC personally from NADRA Office on date
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DISCLAIMER: Information and procedures are collected from various websites and sources. The information on our website is not meant to be used for official purpose. It may be rather different from data taken from sources, lacking timely updation. Please share your experience, if any, in our "Comments Section" or email at our pakguide.pk@gmail.com to help improve our guidance.

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  1. Sir i have lost my id card i want to apply for duplicate ..but now i want to apply for smart card and change my father name to husband name…also is it possible to attach my husband name with my name ???plz guaid me

    1. Ms.Haya Khan,

      There is no need of FIR for your lost CNIC. You can apply for smart card (SNIC) and replace father’s name with your husband’s name.

      It is possible to attach your husband’s name with your name. Then, your name (attached with husband’s name) will be different from your name on your educational certificates, etc. If you will visit abroad for any personal need or any job, sometimes there may be some problems because of difference in your name. However, you can decide more better that which thing is in your interest.

      For all the above purposes, please visit nearest NADRA Centre with your husband having the following documents:-
      (1) Your CNIC’s photocopy or its number
      (2) Your husband’s original CNIC
      (3) Original and photocopy of Urdu Nikahnama
      (4) NADRA’s Marriage Registration Certificate (if available)

      If NADRA will need any other document, they will tell you and you will get a new SNIC soon.


  2. Asslam-o- Aalikum
    Dear I was lost my NIC so can i get the copy but like the original I’d as well as you do..
    Inform me please.
    Wa Salam

    1. Dear Mr.Haris,

      Don’t worry. Please go to NADRA Centre with your CNIC’s photocopy or CNIC-Number. No need of FIR. The NADRA Centre will issue a new CNIC to you and this CNIC will be the same copy of your lost CNIC.


  3. Asslam o alaikum
    Meri Waldyaaa Mohtrmaaa ka I’d card gum ho gya hy tu uski replacement k leay kya requirements hyn kindly

    1. Dear Mr.Sajid,

      Aap waalda sahiba ko lay ker NADRA Centre jaen. Mother kay CNIC ki photocopy ya sirf CNIC Number saath lay jaen. I’d card ki gumshudgi ki FIR darj karwanay ki zaroorat nahi paregi aur duplicate ya new CNIC ban jaega.


  4. If we apply online for ID card reprint, can payment be transferred through jazz cash or easy paisa instead of Bank transaction?

  5. Sir mera id card ghum ho chuka ha r ab ma new banwana chata hun tu pehle wala normal id card tha tu ab smart card ban jaye ga?

    1. Dear Noman Sahib,

      Aap ka Smar Card ban jaega aur iski fees hay 750 rupay. Card aap ko 30 din main mil jaega.


      1. If we apply online for ID card reprint, can payment be transferred through jazz cash or easy paisa instead of Bank transaction?

        1. Payment can be transferred through Jazz Cash or Easypaisa for online reprint of CNIC.


  6. Aoa, I have applied for NICOP. But the thing is my name in urdu spells wrong as it was automatically written there when I put my English name. How can I change my urdu spells on card? It’s just the matter of one haroof that is ہ my name starts with this ہ but due to automatically digital system my name was written with this ح is there any possibility so I can change my urdu harf? Kindly guide me.

    1. Dear Mr.Huzaira,

      During the use of online application, there should be our choice to write our own name in Urdu with the spelling we desire, as we are allowed to write our name in English. Problem arises when our name in Urdu appears automatically.

      However, this problem can only be solved by NADRA people, because they are handling this system. Please contact them on NADRA’s Helpline 051-111-786-100 . If problem is not solved, NADRA’s link https://complaints.nadra.gov.pk/ will definitely help you and they will give attention to your complaint, InshaAllah.

      Best regards.

  7. Sir G
    Main Name Change krna Chahta Hn Q k Mainny Bahrain Visa Klye Apply kia tha to wahan Mere Name Se Issue aya hai Ism e Ali Se to MAin Ramish Ali Se Muhammad Ramish Rakhna Chahta hn Isklye Kia Process hai

    1. Dear Mr.Ramish Ali,

      Name change karwanay kay liay aap NADRA Centre yeh documents lay ker jaen tau behtar rahega:-

      (1) Aap ka original CNIC
      (2) Aap ka original Union Council ka Birth Certificate aur copy
      (3) Aap ka original B-Form aur photocopy
      (4) Aap ka original Matric Certificate aur photocopy

      NADRA Centre walay aap ko mukammal guide karaingay aur aap ka kaam aasaan hojaega.


  8. Assalam O Alikum
    Mera CNIC choori hogya hai. Mujhy pata hai NADRA se duplicate mill jata hai. Likin kia mujhy FIR krwani chahiye? Koi misuse na kare mere CNIC ko. Safe side k liye FIR krwao ?

    Ap k jawab ka intezaar hai.

    1. Dear Mr.Daniyal,

      NADRA main ab FIR jama karwanay ki zaroorat nahi parti. Aap jald say jald CNIC ki photocopy ya sirf CNIC Number lay ker NADRA Centre jaen tau card ka duplicate/ re-print 30 days main mil jaega.

      Jis din aap NADRA main application daingay aur aap ko parchi (receipt) mil jaegi, uss din say aap ki safety ho jaegi. Iss date kay baad agar koi card ka misuse karega tau aap ki safety kay liay yeh parchi (receipt) kaam aegi.


  9. Sir mair cnic goum gia or country of stay oman hai card pr main right now pakistan main ho to thora bata day ky new ky liyay kia karna paray ga. Or duplicate bahroonay mulk safar karnay main kaam day ga…….. ya nhi…….

    1. Dear Mr.Muhammad Rauf,

      Police may FIR darj karwanay ki zaroorat nahi paregi. Apnay card ki photocopy yaa sirf card ka number lay ker NADRA Centre tashreef lay jaen. Aap ka fresh duplicate / re-print card ban jaega aur beroon-e-mulk bhi kaam aega.


  10. Sir mujhy dublicat card banwana hei pahly waly ki date puri hogai hei to iska tqrikar kya hei mtlb akely nadra jana parega ya ghar ky kisi fard ko sath le jana parega

    1. Dear Mr.Ashfaque,

      Kisi ko apnay saath lejanay ki zaroorat nahi paregi. Aap sirf apna expire-shuda CNIC lay ker NADRA Centre tashreef lay jaen tau aap ka CNIC renew hojaega aur 30 din main fresh card mil jaega.


  11. Assalam o alaikum
    Sir mera I’d card gum ho gta h mujy urgent chahye … Duplicate id card kitny days me bn jae ga?

    1. Dear Mr.Hanan,

      Iskay liay FIR ki zaroorat nahi paregi. Apnay CNIC ki photocopy ya sirf CNIC Number lay ker NADRA Centre jaen. NADRA aap ko CNIC ka duplicate / re-print jaari kar dega.

      FEES :-
      Normal: Rs.400 (time: 30 days)
      Urgent: Rs.1150 (time: 15 days)
      Executive: Rs.2150 (time: 7 days)


      1. السلام علیکم سر میں نے آج ڈوپلیکیٹ کیلئے اپلائی کیا اور نارمل فیس 750 روپے کاٹے ہیں

        1. NOTE:
          Yeh bhi ho sakta hay keh aap ka CNIC ab Smart NIC (SNIC) bana kar diya ho. Please check kar lain.

    1. Dear Mr.Khizar Shah,

      There is no need of FIR. Please go to NADRA Centre with photocopy or only CNIC Number. They will issue duplicate/reprint of your CNIC to you in 30 days for Rs.400 only.


  12. AOA
    My mother CNIC has been lost which was issued for life time,please guide me how can i get duplicate cnic of mother and what is required documents,

    is FIR is necessary ??

    can i get her duplicate id through online ???

    NOTE : She is 77 years old can not walk and can not sit long time,most of the time she lying on bed.

    1. Dear Mr.Irfan,

      There is no requirement of FIR by NADRA. Please visit NADRA Centre. In view of old age (77) of your mother, it is possible that NADRA may issue your mother’s duplicate CNIC, or they will properly guide you to make duplicate CNIC. Getting online CNIC is rather difficult.


        1. Loss report (FIR) from police is not necessary. Please visit nearest NADRA Centre with photocopy or only CNIC Number. You will get duplicate / fresh CNIC within 30 days.


  13. i have applied for id card reprint but couldn’t complete the application and closed the app. Now i am unable to open my application through my tracking number. Can you please tell me how can i resume my application process?

    1. Ms.Aansa Akram,

      Sometimes, closing the incomplete application form hangs-up the application process. There is actually nothing to worry. It is more better if you please visit the nearest NADRA Centre. They will complete your application in a few minutes and will issue the duplicate/reprint of your CNIC in a few days.

      Best regards.

  14. Assalam o alaikum
    Sir I want to know what will be the issue date of new CNIC if we lost the older one.?

    1. Ms.Muneeba Hassan,

      If you have lost your old CNIC, a new and fresh “Issue Date” will be given on your fresh CNIC.

      Best regards.

      1. Asalamualikum
        Dear sir.
        My wife lost cnic.Now problem is that we don’t know what was CNIC number.what to do know.plz reply quickly

        1. Dear Mr.Naseeruddin,

          There may be following ways to search your wife’s CNIC number:-

          1) If your wife has B-Form, find her CNIC Number in B-Form
          2) If she has her passport, she can find CNIC No. on it
          3) If she has any property in her name, CNIC No. is in property documents
          4) You can go NADRA Centre with your original CNIC. Also take wife with you and request the NADRA Officer to trace out your wife’s CNIC number through the “home address” given on her CNIC, or date of birth, etc.


  15. aslamoalikam g sir humara masla cnic card galte sai mare dadi sai do ban gaie thai abb hum jurmana bhae dai rahy hen fer bhae card nahe ban raha hai sir please 🙏🥺 help abb mere dadi kai dono card block hai please

    1. Dear Sir,

      Ghalti say Dadi kay do (2) CNIC ban gaey hain. Moamla ya masla hal karnay ka ikhtiar NADRA kay paas hi hay. Aap ko NADRA Head Office ka number dia ja raha hay. Aap NADRA ki iss Helpline pay phone kar kay apni shikayat darj karwa dain. Woh InshaAllah aap ko masla hal karnay ka tareeqa bata daingay.

      NADRA Helpline : 051-111-786-100


  16. Assalamualaikum sir ..

    I have lost my id card somewhere and know I don’t have any photocopy of my id card so what I have to do for getting I’d card ..kindly please must inform me as early as possible ..I shall b very thankful for you.

    1. Dear Mr.Saqlain,

      No problem. Please go to NADRA Centre with your CNIC Number only. They will issue duplicate or fresh CNIC to you. The FIR is not required by NADRA.


    1. Dear Mr.Shan,

      Agar CNIC nahi milta tau FIR kay baghair sirf CNIC ki copy ya CNIC Number lay ker NADRA Centre jaen. Fresh CNIC aap ko 30 days main mil jaega.


  17. My CNIC card is lost somewhere, so what should i do now should i go to the police station now or not for FIR

    1. Dear Mr.Khalid Khan,

      Now, NADRA does not require FIR. Please visit your nearest NADRA Centre with your CNIC number or its photcopy. They will issue a duplicate or a fresh CNIC to you.

      Best regards.

          1. My wallet has been stolen when i was traveling along with the money and NIC can you please guide me how do i recover my NIC do i need to lodged FIR?

          2. Dear Mr.Zaid,

            Nowadays, NADRA does not require FIR. Please visit your nearest NADRA Centre with CNIC copy or its number. You will be issued a duplicate / fresh CNIC by NADRA.


          3. Thank you so much for your cooperation but i need to ask to rigester a new CNIC do i need blood relation to create a new one cause all my personal info has been stored in database so my question is do i need a blood relation or any kind of documentation?

          4. Dear Sir,

            There is neither any need of presence of any blood-relation nor any documentation. Your case is very simple and you will get fresh CNIC having all the same data which you had on the stolen CNIC. Please apply to NADRA as soon as possible to avoid the possible misuse of stolen CNIC by any wrong person.

            Wishing you all the best,

        1. I lost my cnic. I want to make urgent not executive, is it possible or I have to go for executive what is NADRA policy

          1. Dear Mr.Junaid,

            It is your choice that what kind of service you need. Please apply for duplicate or a new CNIC and pay the “urgent fee” of Rs.1150/-. You will receive your CNIC within 15 days.

            We suggest that if you are not in any emergency, you can also apply for only NORMAL service. In this case, you will have to pay the fee of Rs.400/- only and the new CNIC will be received within 30 days.


  18. Aslamwalikum Sir
    I have lost my CNIC one month ago and that CNIC was simple CNIC, Now i want a new Smart card CNIC, Please guide me how i go through this all. Belong to Quetta Balochistan.

    1. Dear Mr.Mansoor,

      You will feel no difficulty to make Smart Card. Please visit nearest NADRA Centre with your CNIC’s photocopy or its number only. Apply for Smart Card instead of simple CNIC. NADRA will issue a new Smart NIC to you, InshaAllah.

      With best wishes,

  19. Sir my nic was lost is there any need of fir and without for i can apply for duplicate nic please tell me.. thank you..

    1. Dear Mr.Saif Ali,

      Nowadays FIR is not needed. Please visit NADRA Centre with your CNIC’s photocopy or its number. They will issue a duplicate or a fresh CNIC to you. Please make CNIC as early as possible to avoid any misuse of your lost CNIC.

      Best regards.

  20. My CNIC was issued in punjab with bcz my permanent and current address is located in punjab. I came to karachi for work and i have lost my CNIC here. Is it possible that I can start the process of my duplicate CNIC in karachi’s nadra office?

    1. Dear Mr.Zeeshan,

      As you know, NADRA’s data is available all over Pakistan. Therefore, you can also apply in Karachi for duplicate/ fresh CNIC. Tell them your CNIC number or give them CNIC’s photocopy for this purpose.


      1. Dear Mr.Raheel Kamran,

        Please see your B-Form and you will find your Registration Number. This registration number is actually your CNIC number. If you do not have B-Form, then please visit NADRA Centre. They will find your CNIC on their computer and they will issue duplicate/ new CNIC to you.


    1. Ms.Faiza,

      It is quite possible to get computerised NIC by submitting an old format NIC to NADRA. The old NIC holder will have to go personally to the NADRA Centre and NADRA will issue a new computerised NIC.


  21. Aslamu Alikum Sir i have lost my id card and vaccination card yesterday i am soo worried about it could u plz guide me how now i can apply for new one

    1. W.Salam.
      Please don’t worry and visit NADRA Centre without FIR. After payment of due fees, they will InshaAllah issue new CNIC and Vaccination Certificate to you.


  22. Hello sir, I applied for a duplicate CNIC as a lost my CNIC. After taking fresh photographs, Fingerprint, Data entry and payment method they gave me a receipt/token and a attestation form,
    I referred to another counter along with attestation form and they asked some Questions/Interrogation over there.
    He referred me to another and my attestation form has deposited over there for scanning.
    Now pls tell me Do i need to collect again that form after scanning for the attestation/Blood relation biomatric process or they skipped this step in the favour of my case. Thanks

    1. Dear Mr.Raja Asim,

      It is possible that they have skipped some steps. After asking some questions/ interrogation from you, if NADRA’s staff is satisfied and thinks your form fulfils their requirements, they will issue a duplicate/new CNIC to you. Now, you just have to visit NADRA Centre on the date mentioned on their receipt/token and you will get a new CNIC.

      Best regards.

  23. Assalam o Alaikum sir i got robbed on 26 January all of stuff gone. I went to police to case fir but they kept on giving time to give me fir copy. Will i need the fir for new nic. I want to apply fir job in abroad.

    1. Dear Sir,

      You don’t need FIR for new CNIC. Please go to NADRA Centre with your CNIC copy or CNIC Number. They will issue a new CNIC to you.


  24. assalam walakum sir i had lost my nic i had FIR i want new nic on urgent basis kindly tell me the whole process as i had to get the nic as soon as possible..

    1. Dear Mr.Ussama,

      Please contact your nearest NADRA Centre with original FIR and its photocopy. You can get CNIC on urgent basis also. Fees are given below:-

      Normal Fee …….. 400/- (within 30 days)
      Urgent Fee …….. 1150/- (within 15 days)
      Executive Fee ….. 2150/- (within 7 days)

      Best regards.

      1. sir mera cnic gum ho gaya ha kia mera dublicate cnic ban jaye ga same jesy phlye tha wohi dublicate nikal aye ga ya new banwana paray ga or kia tarika kar ho ga plz reply kar ke batye ga mera pas copy mojud ha cnic ki

        1. Dear Mr.Mohsin Nawaz,

          Aap pareshaan na hon, sirf CNIC ki photocopy lay ker NADRA Centre tashreef lay jaen. Aap ka duplicate ya phir naya CNIC aasani say ban jaega. Aap jald say jald CNIC banwa lijiay ga taakeh gum-shuda CNIC ko koi bhi ghalat istemaal na kar sakay.


  25. Sir, I applied for my wife’s new CNIC, but unfortunately I lost the tracking ID token or slip.
    Now I have a picture of the token, I have also received a message from NADRA to get a new CNIC.
    Sir, please guide me how to get new CNIC without hard copy of token slip.

    1. Dear Mr.Irfan,

      There is no problem and your CNIC is now ready. Please show the picture of token/slip to NADRA officer. They will hand-over your CNIC to you.


  26. Assalam O alaikum

    bro few days before I lost my cnic and today I applied for new cnic..nadra did not ask me for FIR etc 2,3 times I asked from them about FIR but they say no need of FIR …now what i do about my old cnic?it will be blocked or?there is any chances of misused?

    1. Dear Mr.Amir,

      It is good that now the NADRA is not demanding FIR for the lost CNIC. Your new CNIC will have a new “Date of Issue.” From this new Date of Issue, your previous CNIC will have no value and if anybody misuses your previous CNIC, you can easily challenge it. Let we hope that nothing will happen wrong with your previous CNIC, InshaAllah.

      Best regards.

  27. AOA,
    i lost my NIC a day before yesterday ,
    i visited nadra today for duplicate (Reprint) CNIC , they did not required any FIR but they said your old card cannot be reprinted , it ll be issued as a new (taking fresh pictures and fingerprints) , I don’t want to take new card but to reprint my old card and i am uncomfortable making new one as old one was having validity till 2027 also.
    the person there also does not seem very professional,
    please if there is any way i can get it reprint .please let me know. or i should visit another branch ? How do you say please. .

    1. Dear Mr.Khawar,

      Generally NADRA requires FIR for issuance of duplicate CNIC. If you think the staff who attended you was not professionally competitive, please try any other centre of NADRA.

      Actually, institutions like NADRA improve themselves day by day. If they have changed their policy for issuance of Duplicate (Reprint) CNIC, we have to follow it. Perhaps, it is in your own interest because you will have latest “Date of Issue” on your new CNIC. Also, please don’t be uncomfortable about validity which is upto 2027. Your new CNIC’s validity will definitely be upto 2027 or 2028. In case you are issued a new and fresh CNIC, no fraud or illegal activity will be possible by any wrong person.

      In view of above arguments, we hope you will have a good decision about this issue.

      With best regards,

    2. DEAR SIR


      1. Dear Mr.Omair,

        As you know, NADRA data is online and centralised all over the country. Please lodge FIR in Lahore for the lost CNIC and submit FIR’s photocopy at nearest NADRA Centre. They will issue you either the Duplicate or a new CNIC.

        You will have to collect newly issued CNIC from NADRA Centre. However, they will inform you by SMS whenever the CNIC becomes ready. You don’t have to visit Karachi in any case.

        Best regards.

  28. Many thanks for your reply😊
    Sir can you please guide me how to register online Fir and get a copy?
    I’ve no one to go with me and I never visited police station. I’m afraid to go there.
    Waiting for your response.

  29. Hi
    Is it necessary to have Fir copy for applying a duplicate cnic?
    What can you guide me please what is another option we can use instead of Fir copy? Actually I don’t know how to get that and bit difficult for me. My I’d is lost during home shifting now I couldn’t find that so please help me what to do.
    Waiting for your kind response.

    1. Ms.Fatima,

      It is the requirement of NADRA to submit photocopy of FIR for issuance of Duplicate (Reprint) CNIC. If you feel uncomfortable about FIR, you may please contact NADRA for issuance of Duplicate CNIC. They will help you if they have some other ways for Duplicate.

      Otherwise, if NADRA insists for FIR, there is no problem for you to get registered FIR. Please go, with your father, brother or any close-relative, to Police Station nearest to your previous residence. After completing NADRA’s requirement, you will get very soon the Duplicate CNIC.


    1. Dear Mr.Shoaib,

      It is to inform you please that we do not belong to NADRA. Our website is PakGuide and our job is to guide the people properly. We are pleased that you have contacted us. Thanks.

      Please get registered an FIR with police for your lost CNIC. Then visit nearest NADRA Centre with original FIR and its photocopy. Please also take with you the CNIC’s photocopy or only CNIC Number. You will be issued Duplicate (Reprint) of your CNIC.

      Best Regards.

  30. Assalamualaikum!
    Today I lost my CNIC at my University. Can I get the CNIC again and what is the procedure of issuance of the card again? And Is it’s necessary where I was 1st make an ID card then again I will issue it from that office.

    1. Walaykum Assalam.
      You can apply for a Duplicate CNIC at any nearest Centre of NADRA. It is not necessary to go the same NADRA Centre where your lost CNIC was made. Please visit NADRA Centre with following documents:-

      1) Photocopy or the Number of your lost CNIC
      2) Original FIR and its photocopy

      NADRA will issue a Duplicate CNIC to you. The CNIC will be ready within 30 days.

      Best regards.

        1. Dear Mr.Jahanzaib,

          Duplicate CNIC 30 days say pehlay mil sakta hay. Fees yay hay:-

          Fee Delivery
          Normal : Rs.400 ……. Delivery: 30 Days
          Urgent : Rs.1150 …… Delivery: 15 Days
          Executive : Rs.2150 … Delivery: 07 Days


          1. Aslam o alikum somebody tell me that I have lost my Id card .I want to ask that is FIR is necessary for this

          2. Dear Mr.Ansar,

            Now, the FIR is not necessary for the lost CNIC. Please visit NADRA Centre with CNIC’s photocopy or its number. The NADRA will issue duplicate / reprint of your CNIC within 30 days.


      1. So I lost my CNIC, I do have the FIR but I don’t have a copy of my CNIC (I do have pictures of it on my phone).
        And also I called the Nadra helpline today and they told me that I would have to bring a blood relative along with me to get a new CNIC but the representative seemed unsure to be honest, could you please confirm?
        Thank you!

        1. Dear Mr.Bilal Shahid,

          Your case is simple and please do not worry. Forget the representative of NADRA who talked to you on helpline. You must go directly to any NADRA Centre with your original FIR and its photocopy. Also take with you the mobile phone. Show the FIR to them and also show the photo of your CNIC in the mobile. They will take your CNIC Number from the photo.

          It is possible that they will make your fresh CNIC. If NADRA officer demands you to bring any blood-relative, then please bring with you father, mother, brother, sister or any other blood-relative. Mostly chances are that they will not ask any blood-relative.

          Best regards.

  31. I am separated from my husband, and we are not in contact with each other, and he has my new CNIC, and I don’t have any copy of it, even I don’t know my CNIC number, so my question is, how can I get my CNIC or a duplicate copy of it from Nadra centre? What is the procedure for it?

    1. Ms.Kiran,

      CNIC number of a person always remains the same. There may be many ways to find your CNIC number. However, please note the following points for this purpose:-

      1) If you have your old or previous CNIC or its photocopy, you can get your CNIC number.
      2) Please see your Urdu Nikahnama or NADRA’s Marriage Registration Certificate (Nikahnama in English).
      3) With your father / mother / any sibling or any blood-relative, you can go NADRA and request them to tell your CNIC number, so that you could lodge an FIR for your lost CNIC.

      NADRA Office tells you CNIC number or not, you just lodge an FIR for your lost CNIC. Show this FIR to NADRA Office and also give them its photocopy. InshaAllah they will issue a Duplicate CNIC to you.

      Wishing you all the best,

  32. Sir mera CNIC lost howa hai۔To new CNIC NADRA k kisi bhi office sy bana skty hen ya phr wahan jana hoga جہاں pehly CNIC bnaya hai؟

    1. Dear Mr.Wilayat Ali Khan,

      CNIC kisi bhi NADRA Centre say banwa saktay hain, lekin behtar hoga keh apnay ghar say qareeb tareen Centre say banwain.


  33. Salaam my disabled aunt has lost her ID card she lives in Jhelum and does not have the ID card number or a photocopy of it how can she apply for a reprint? Please advise thanks

    1. Walaykum Assalam.
      There may be following ways to search your Aunt’s CNIC number:-

      1) If aunt has B-Form of her children, find her CNIC No. in B-Form.
      2) If aunt has her passport, she can find CNIC No. on it.
      3) If aunt has any property in her name, CNIC No. is in prop.documents.
      4) Aunt’s any blood-relative or husband can go NADRA Centre and request them to trace out Aunt’s CNIC number through the “home address” given on Aunt’s CNIC, or date of birth or husband’s name on Aunt’s CNIC.


    2. My uncle lost his id card and he lives in Greece. How can he apply his new id card or reprint.

      Please give me all information.

      Thank you

      1. Dear Sir,

        In some cases, NADRA has online system for overseas Pakistanis through the following link:-

        But, it would be reasonable if you please contact any NADRA Centre, as the representative of Uncle, and request them for issuance of Duplicate CNIC against Uncle’s lost CNIC. Possibly they may ask an FIR for the lost CNIC. NADRA has a vast data system and will provide you to the point guidance.

        Best regards.

    1. Dear Mr.Waqas Ali,

      Please lodge FIR and this FIR will make you safe. If your CNIC is misused, you can show FIR that this CNIC was not in your use. Please go to NADRA with following documents:-

      1) Your original CNIC
      2) Original and photocopy of FIR

      NADRA will issue to you a DUPLICATE CNIC.


  34. My wife has lost her cnic, do i need to get the F. I. R done for the issuance of new cnic from NADRA or it can be obtained without F. I. R, pls confirm

    1. Dear Mr.Mohsin Ali,

      FIR is necessary and the FIR makes you safe. If your wife’s CNIC is misused, you can show FIR that this CNIC was not in your use. Please go to NADRA with following documents:-

      1) Your original CNIC
      2) Photocopy of your wife’s CNIC
      3) Original and photocopy of FIR

      NADRA will issue your wife a DUPLICATE CNIC.


  35. I have lost my cnic what will be the status of my lost cnic if I make duplicate cnic??
    can anybody miss misuse it?
    can anybody misuse it??

    1. Dear Mr.Shah,

      Your lost CNIC can be misused, but chances of misuse are very low, because now-a-days “fingerprints” are mostly required and therefore misuse of CNIC becomes very difficult. After the Issue Date of your Duplicate CNIC, you are not responsible for any transaction of old (lost) CNIC.

      Best regards,

  36. Assalamualaikum.
    Sir my mother apply two time’s for C.N.I.C but it was not came .we ask on counter but they said we don’t have card . So plz guide me what should we do now .

    1. Dear Mr.Adnan,

      Jab aap nay NADRA ko apply kiya tha tau NADRA nay aapko receipt di hogi. Iss receipt pay “Tracking ID” bhi diya hota hay. Iss Tracking ID number ko mobile kay zaryay 8400 pay send karain. NADRA say aapko SMS aega jis main aapkay CNIC ki tafseel hogi keh CNIC iss waqt kahan hay. Normal CNIC 30 din kay baad milta hay. Kabhi kabhi late bhi hosakta hay. Aap pareshan na hon.

      Thanks & regards,

    1. Dear Mr.Mazhar Siddiqui,

      Following documents are required:-

      1) Photocopy or number of your CNIC
      2) Original FIR and its photocopy

      NADRA’s procedure is very easy and you will find very soon the Duplicate of your CNIC.


  37. Sir i want to change my address mean i want the other address where i am living now but i dont want to change my permanent address what is the procedure please my uncle is on lahor and he has own home and i am living with him in his home and i want to change my address please tell me the procedure

    1. Dear Mr.Shehraz Muhammad,

      It means, you are living in Lahore and you want to change “Present Address” only. It is not difficult. Please go to any NADRA Centre with following documents:-

      1) Your original CNIC
      2) Your uncle’s CNIC (original or photocopy)
      3) Latest original Utility Bill in your uncle’s name and address

      NADRA staff will guide you everything. You will find soon a new CNIC with new “Present Address” and your “Permanent Address” will remain the same.

      Best regards,

  38. Assalam-O-Alaikum. Sir I have double address of Karachi in my CNIC. I need to change permanent address with present address. Have property documents in Mother name. Both Mother and Father have died. Sister is married. Only waterbill is in my mother name. My wife CNIC have both address same. What is NADRA procedure to change karachi permanent address, thank you

    1. Dear Mr.Shabbir,

      Walaykum Assalam……….We are sorry for late reply to your question. We hope you will not mind it. Thanks.

      As you said, your parents are died and Allah may rest their souls in peace and Jannat, aamin. The property documents are in your mother name. Please go to any NADRA Centre with following documents:-

      1) Original property documents. NADRA Officer will take photocopy of only two pages
      2) Original CNIC/ or photocopy/ or CNIC number of your mother
      3) Original latest Water Bill (in mother name) with photocopy
      4) Your original CNIC

      Show the above documents to NADRA Officer and say to them that you want to change Permanent Address on your CNIC. The NADRA staff is good and they will fully guide you. After receiving your new CNIC with new permanent address, you can also very easily change addresses on your wife’s CNIC.

      Please go to NADRA Centre at any day (from Monday to Friday) at 9.00 am to avoid rush of people at the Centre.

      Best Regards,

      1. Aoa sir please mujhy CNIC ki copy chaye please Nikal sakti h id card ka number send kro to plz sir I help you

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