Vehicle Verification

Online Vehicle Verification System in Pakistan

Excise Departments in provinces have introduced facility of Vehicle Verification. Find the following details of a vehicle.

Vehicle Verification Details:
  • Owner’s Name
  • Owner’s City
  • Registration Date
  • Tax Payment Date
  • Model Year
  • Chassis Number
  • Engine Number
  • Engine Horsepower
  • Vehicle’s Colour
  • CPLC Status, etc.

Open the link and enter Vehicle Registration No. (No.Plate):


Open the link and enter Vehicle Registration No. (No.Plate):


Open the link and enter Vehicle Registration No. (No.Plate):


No online verification system is available.


Open the link and click on:
Vehicle Information Detail heading:

Azad Kashmir

No online verification system is available.

CPLC (Citizens Police Liaison Committee) Sindh

No online verification system is available.

To verify vehicle on CPLC’s phone numbers, Click here

DISCLAIMER: Information and procedures are collected from various websites and sources. The information on our website is not meant to be used for official purpose. Sometimes, in absence of timely updation, our information may be rather different from the data taken by us from websites/sources. Please share your experience, if any, on our email address to help improve our data/guidance.

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  1. جناب میرے پاس 98ماڈل مہران کار ہے جسکی
    فائیل حالیہ سیلاب میں گم ہو گئے اور اسکے علاوہ گاڑی کے بک میں 2004 تک کے ٹیکس پیڈ اسٹیمپ لگے ہیں پر آنلائن چیک کرنے پر سن 2000 تک کے ظاہر ہو رہے ہیں یہ اور اسکا بک ابھی تک پرانا ہے کمپیوٹرائزڈ نہیں ۔سر یہ مشکل کس طرح حل اور اور فائیل کمپیوٹرائزڈ بک 2023 تک ٹیکسز کا کل خرچ کرنا ہو گا

    1. Dear Mr.Naeem Khan,

      Apnay original CNIC kay saath aap zaati taur pay Motor Registration Office tashreef lay jaen. Woh log apnay computer may aasaani say aap ka record talaash kar laingay aur jo bhi fees banti hogi woh lay kar computerised license aur deegar kaghzaat bana daingay.


  2. Sir,

    mere pas vehicle ki detail hain per main owner ka contach number kaise find krskta hu?


    1. Dear Mr.Ayan Ali Khan,

      Vehicle kay owner ka contact number online pay available nahi hay.


    1. Dear Sir,

      Chassis number say online kisi vehicle ki detail maloom nahi ho sakti. Iskay liay Registration Authority say contact karna hoga.


    1. Dear Mr.Abdul Moeed,

      On the link of Sindh you will see the options : (1)Four Wheelers (2)Two Wheelers
      On the link of Punjab you will see only one option : Vehicle Number
      On the link of KPK you will see only one option : Registration Number
      No service of Balochistan is available.

      You can check rickshaw owner’s detail on Punjab and KPK links. But if you need rickshaw detail in Sindh, there is no option available for “Three Wheelers.” Therefore, please try to search rickshaw’s detail in both options of Four Wheelers and Two Wheelers. If you don’t find detail, then please contact Vehicle Registration Authorities for details.

      Best regards,

  3. Assalamualaikum
    Kindly agar bike ki registration na ho to purchase krney se pehlay verification kesey krain because registration to ni hui?

    1. Dear Mr.Zeeshan,

      W.Salam … Agar registration nahi hui hay tau aap unkay bike kay papers/ documents pay bike ka Engine Number aur Chasis Number verify kar lain. Yeh numbers bike kay Engine aur Chasis pay mil jaengay. Iskay ilawa aap bike sale karnay walay say agreement kar lain keh agar bike ki registration main koi problem aati hay tau woh bike wapis lega. Isi tarah aap har tareeqay say apni tasalli kar lain tau InshaAllah koi problem nahi hogi.


    1. Dear Sir,

      Iskay liay agar Motor Registration Authority say maaloom kia jaey tau sab say behtar rahega, kionkeh online pay maaloom karnay ki sahoolat mojood nahi hay.

      Thanks & regard.

  4. Dear sir mujhe ak gaari ki number plate or file Mili he road SE ZNA 271 is k Malik Ka number ya address chaye Mera mobile number 03257002845

    1. Dear Mr.Jalal,

      Pehlay aap file dekh lain, shaayad iss main gaari ka ya iski number plate ka zikr ho. File main agar maalik ka address ya phone number ho tau kaam hojaega.

      Agar file say madad na milay tau iss link pay gaari ka number (ZNA 271) daalain tau aap ko maalik ka address mil jaega:-

      Agar link say bhi madad na milay tau Motor Registration Authority kay office ja kar maaloom kijiay. Woh log aap ki zaroor help karaingay, InshaAllah.

      Best regards.

      1. Aslam o Ali kum. Sir
        Sindh gari ka registation No. Per chassis kesi maloom hota ha
        Chassis sho nahi hota ha

        1. Dear Mr.M.Zubair,

          W.Salam … Sindh Motor Registration walay Chassis Number show nahi kartay hain, sirf Engine Number show kartay hain. Chassis number maloom karnay kay liay aap Registration Office say contact kar saktay hain.

          Thanks & regards,

    2. A/s
      Sir meri bike Chori ho gi butt mhy ger ay dacuments ni mill FIR ksy enter ho gi?
      And how to check Chse Number &Engine Number?

      1. Dear Mr.Zubair,

        Agar documents nahi mil rahay tau koi baat nahi. Aap sirf bike ka Registration Number (Number Plate) bhi police FIR may likhwa saktay hain.

        Aap yaqeenan bike ka tax bhi pay kartay hongay. Tax ki raseed (receipt) may gaari kay Chassis Number aur Engine Number bhi darj hotay hain. Iskay ilawa aap Vehicle Registration Authority kay office bhi ja kar bike ka Chassis No. aur Engine No. maloom kar saktay hain.

        Best regards,

  5. 2003 modle bike ki information chahiy os ka nomber lrk 7403 ha kiya krna ho ga k online data miil jay ?
    Mobiel no 03039831159

  6. Bhai jan Lahore number fx hai vo hum apny name karwana chaty hain vo taxi hai hum private karna chaty hain kia procedure hai bta daine

    1. Dear Mr.Tanveer Khan,

      Aap Excise & Taxation Department say contact karain. Commercial gaari ko private main tabdeel karnay ka unka ek procedure hay aur woh munaasib fees lay kar gaari convert kar daingay.

      Thanks & regards.

        1. Dear Mr.Ali Zaib,

          You can trace out bike’s details only through Number Plate (Registration No.). Through chassis number, you can get bike’s details from motor registration authority.

          Thanks & regards.

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