Renew NIC

Renew your CNIC (National Identity Card)

If your CNIC (National Identity Card) is expired, get it renewed from NADRA. Please see the procedure and other details below.

NADRA Office Timings:
Mega Registration Centers7 Days a week24 Hours
Normal BranchesMonday to Friday09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Centers / Branches:

For your nearest NADRA Center / Branch, Click below:

Fee Structure:
NormalRs. 40030 Days
UrgentRs. 115015 Days
ExecutiveRs. 215007 Days

NOTE : To see the Fee Structure in detail, Click below:

Documents Required:
  • Your original CNIC
  1. Your “Normal CNIC” can be renewed easily
  2. On renewal, “Normal CNIC” can be converted into “Smart CNIC”
  3. For Smart CNIC, go to NADRA with a CNIC-holder blood-relative
  4. Blood-relatives are father/mother/brother/sister/son/daughter
  5. NADRA staff will take fingerprints of you and your blood-relative
  6. For fingerprints, avoid mehendi, dust or oil on fingers
  7. When CNIC is ready, NADRA informs by SMS on your mobile
  8. Get your CNIC personally from NADRA Centre on date
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  1. hi
    I have a little problem regarding my expired CNIC. I’ve been in China since past 7 years and last time I visited Pakistan was in 2017. my cnic card has expired for over a year due to which my application on NADRA’s online portal is not proceeding forward. please tell me my options to get my card renewed as i might be needing it soon for completing my UK immigration paperwork. can my mom or dad file an application on my behalf in Pakistan and get it done from nearby NADRA office or I have to be physically present

    1. Dear Mr.Aneeq,

      Normally, those people who live abroad have the NICOP instead of CNIC. However, when CNIC is expired, and you are abroad, the card has to be renewed online within one year’s time. Although, on every renewal, the NADRA takes your fresh photograph and fingerprints, but in your situation your mom or dad can apply in the country on your behalf.

      Whenever needed, NADRA make amendments in their rules. Therefore, if you want to know the latest position of their online process about CNIC (or even NICOP), please contact NADRA’s helpline : 051-111-786-100. In case you find no reply upto your satisfaction, you can lodge your complaint on the link : relating to NADRA. We think, for CNIC renewal, your physical presence will not be required in Pakistan at any stage.

      With best wishes,

  2. AoA,
    My wife CNIC expired on March, 2018 and she is also from other district of Punjab . Now how can we renew her id card and also want to convert father name to husband name on CNIC? (Documents Required??)
    Muhammad Asad Qureshi

    1. Dear Mr.Asad,

      To renew your wife’s CNIC and convert her father name to husband name, please visit NADRA Centre with your wife. Also take with you the following documents:-

      1) Your original CNIC and photocopy
      2) Your wife’s original CNIC and photocopy
      3) Your original Urdu Nikah-nama
      4) NADRA’s original Marriage Certificate, if it is available

      You will get the renewed/fresh CNIC within 30 days. Fee is Rs.400/- for normal delivery of card.

      Best regards,

  3. Slam.
    My ID card card has expired.
    Now I want to renew and upgrade to smart card.
    Add temporary address and change of signature.
    What should I do

    1. Dear Mr.Azeem,

      You can renew/convert your normal CNIC into SNIC (Smart NIC), add the temporary address and change your signature on the card. The fee for SNIC is Rs.750/- and you will get fresh SNIC within 30 days.

      Best regards,

      1. Ok what are documents required for this process or any of my blood relative is required to visit tha nadra office with me?

        1. Dear Mr.Azeem,

          Sorry, in our reply to you, we could not mention the documents required.

          Please visit NADRA Centre with your original CNIC, together with a blood-relative (father/mother/ brother/sister). The blood-relatives are needed only in case of Smart NIC (SNIC). You will get soon a fresh SNIC with all changes you want.

          Best wishes,

  4. MeEra nic 2021 November me expired hogya tha usi Doran mere shadi hogae ab mjhe zojiat wala nic reniew or address b change krwana he kia documents chaeye honge

    1. Ms.Mehak,

      Koi problem nahi hay. Aap ka CNIC zojiat wala hojaega aur address bhi change hojaega. Aap apnay husband kay saath yeh documents lay kar qareebi NADRA Centre tashreef lay jaen:-

      1) Aap ka original CNIC
      2) Husband ka original CNIC
      3) Urdu Nikah-nama aur photocopy
      4) NADRA ka jaari shuda Marriage Certificate

      Normal CNIC fee 400/- hay aur agar SIM wala Smart NIC (SNIC) banwana ho tau fee 750/- hay. Fees ki mazeed tafseel NADRA kay link pay bhi dekhi ja sakti hay.


    1. Dear Mr.Sajid Irfan,

      Please visit nearest NADRA Centre with your expired CNIC. They will renew your ID Card. Normal fee is Rs.400/- and you will get renewed CNIC within 30 days.


  5. Assalam o Alaikum ,
    Dear sir,
    My name is Hassan Bashar. I want to ask that My wife name is single and there is no Surname in her academic record, CNIC and Passport. I want to add my name with her name. So what is the precedure fot that? please guide me in details. Thank you

    1. Dear Mr.Hassan Bashar,

      W.Salam … You can add your name with the name of your wife on her CNIC. Please visit NADRA Centre with the following documents:-

      1) Your original CNIC
      2) Your wife’s original CNIC
      3) Nikah-nama in Urdu with photocopy
      4) NADRA’s Marriage Certificate (if you don’t have certificate, no problem)

      However, after adding your name, the name of your wife will be different from her educational record, passport, nikah-nama and many other documents. Although it makes no problem, but sometimes the “difference” of name between CNIC and other documents may create some difficulties. We think, you may decide more better in light of above mentioned points.

      Best regards,

  6. Meri ami ka CNIC 2005 me expire huwa hae abhi renew karna hae. NADERA office wale keh rahe hae ami ke bhai ya waliden ajaye lekin wo nahi hosaktha. Mene kaha beta ya shuhar agar verify kare tho NADERA office wale nahi manthe. Ab me kya karo. Any solution

    1. Dear Sir,

      Jab CNIC expire huay ziada time ho jata hay tau renew karwanay kay liay parents ya bhai ko saath lejana parta hay. Aap nay yeh nahi bataya hay keh yeh kisliay nahi hosakta.

      Beherhaal, agar moaamla hal na ho tau NADRA Centre kay kisi senior officer say baat karain. Phir bhi hal na ho tau NADRA Helpline : 051-111-786-100 pay call kijiay aur unko problem bataiyay. Helpline say madad na milay tau NADRA ko inkay link : pay apni shikayat/ complaint darj karwaen. NADRA walay aap ki har mumkin madad karaingay aur guide bhi karaingay.


    2. Dear sir,
      One of friend name is Shahab. He have no surname in his academic record,CNIC and passport. Now he wants to add another name with his name so what will be the procedure? Please guide in details…Thanks

      1. Dear Hassan Sahib,

        Your friend Mr.Shahab can add another name with his name on his CNIC. Please visit NADRA Centre with the following documents:-

        1) Your original CNIC
        2) Mr.Shahab’s original birth certificate & photocopy
        3) His Matriculation Certificate & photocopy

        However, after adding another name, the name of Mr.Shahab on his CNIC will be different from his academic record, passport and many other documents. Although it makes no problem, but sometimes the “difference” of name between CNIC and other documents may create some difficulties. We think, your friend may decide more better in light of above arguments.

        Best regards,

      1. Dear Mr.Awais Baloch,

        Aap address double karwa saktay hain. CNIC pay mustaqil (permanent) address aap kay village ka ho jaega aur mojooda (present) address Karachi ka hojaega.

        Address change karwanay kay liay yeh documents zaroori hain:-

        Agar aap ka makaan rent pay hay :-
        1) Aap ka original CNIC
        2) Original Rent Agreement aur photocopy
        4) Makaan Maalik kay naam pay original Utility Bill aur photocopy
        5) Makaan Maalik kay CNIC ki photocopy
        6) NADRA koi Halaf-nama maangega jis pay makaan maalik aur aap kay sign hon

        Agar makaan aap ki family ka hay :-
        1) Jis family member kay naam pay makaan hay iss ka original CNIC
        2) Original property documents (NADRA sirf 3-pages ki photocopy lega)
        3) Property maalik kay naam pay original Utility Bill aur photocopy
        4) Jab ek family member ka address change hojaega tau phir aap ka bhi aasani say change hojaega

        Aap yeh documents lay kar NADRA tashreef lay jaen. Woh log aap ko mukammal guide karaingay aur aap ka kaam aasaan hojaega.


  7. Sir Guid kr dy plz mane online renew k lye applay krna tha but by mistake online modify kr diya and ab application submission complete hogae h with fee to kia ye application cancel ho skti plz tell me

    1. Dear Mr.Kazim Hussain,

      Aap nay “renew” ki jagah “modify” kar diya, lekin kiya modify karna hay woh nahi likha (maslan change of signature, address change, date of birth ki tabdeeli waghera). Isliay ho sakta hay NADRA walay “renew” kar kay hi CNIC bhej dain.

      Online application tau shaayad hi cancel ho, lekin choonkeh fees bhi pay kar di hay tau isliay behtar yehi hay keh aap zaati taur pay NADRA Centre tashreef lay jaen. Aap ka kaam bohot aasani say hojaega aur CNIC renew hojaega, InshaAllah.


  8. Mera cnic 22 November ko expire hu Raha hai renawal karwsny k Liye kiss kiss chez ki zarort hai or Kiya Le kar Jana hoga

    1. Dear Mr.Asif Kareem,

      Sirf original CNIC lay ker aap NADRA Centre visit karain. CNIC aasani say renew hojaega. Lekin agar aap apnay “normal” CNIC ko “smart” CNIC yaani SNIC main tabdeel karwana chahtay hain tau kisi blood-relative (father, mother, brother yaa sister) ko saath lejana hoga.


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