Stolen Mobile Phone

Block your SIM & Report Lost Mobile

Please see the procedure to Block your SIM and Report your lost / stolen Mobile Phone.

Block your SIM:
  • If mobile is lost/stolen, call your mobile company Helpline
  • They will ask your Name, CNIC No., Date of Birth, etc.
  • Now company will block the SIM of your Mobile
Find IMEI Numbers of your Mobile:
  • IMEI (International Mobile Equip.Identity) has 15 or 17 digits
  • Please dial *#06# on your mobile. You will find your IMEI number
  • If mobile has two SIMs, you will find two IMEI numbers
  • IMEI numbers are also printed on packaging box of your mobile
Report your Lost / Stolen Mobile:
  • CPLC (City Police Liaison Committee) helps for this purpose
  • If mobile is lost / stolen, please report on CPLC Helplines
  • Helplines (24/7) : 1102, 021-35662222 & 021-35682222
  • Give CPLC your mobile’s IMEI Nos. and other information
  • CPLC will block your mobile within 24 hours
  • CPLC will trace mobile. If mobile is found, they will send SMS
Status of your lost / stolen mobile:

To know status of your lost / stolen mobile, Click here

Helplines of Mobile Phone Companies:
  Call from your SIM Call from any Mobile or PTCL
Ufone 333 111-333-100
JAZZ (Mobilink) 111 111-300-300
Telenor 345 111-345-100
Warid 321 111-111-321
Zong 310 111-222-111
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    1. Dear Mr.Rameez Ahmad,

      Aap kay dono mobile numbers ki SIMs ko block karwanay kay liay apni mobile company ki HELPLINE ko call kijiay.


      Ufone ….. Call from your SIM ….. 333 (Call from any Mobile or PTCL ….. 111-333-100)
      JAZZ (Mobilink) ….. Call from your SIM ….. 111 (Call from any Mobile or PTCL ….. 111-300-300)
      Telenor ….. Call from your SIM ….. 345 (Call from any Mobile or PTCL ….. 111-345-100)
      Warid ….. Call from your SIM ….. 321 (Call from any Mobile or PTCL ….. 111-111-321)
      Zong ….. Call from your SIM ….. 310 (Call from any Mobile or PTCL ….. 111-222-111)


  1. DEAR SIR,

    1. Dear Mr.Ahmad Hassan,

      Aap dubara CPLC ko phone kar kay mobile ko unblock karwa lain:-

      (1) CPLC Ph.No.021-35662222
      (2) CPLC Ph.No.021-35682222
      (3) CPLC Helpline (24/7) : 1102


        1. Dear Mr.Raza Ali,

          Please complain on following numbers of CPLC and tell them your mobile’s details and IMEI numbers:-

          (1) CPLC Ph.No.021-35662222
          (2) CPLC Ph.No.021-35682222
          (3) CPLC Helpline (24/7) : 1102

          After complaining, your mobile will be blocked within 24 hours. CPLC will not trace out your mobile, but if mobile is found through police, the CPLC will inform you by message.

          Time to time, you can also know your mobile’s position (status):-
          (1) by sending your mobile’s IMEI on 8484
          (2) by typing your mobile’s IMEI on PTA’s link :


      1. Would it be possible a lost sim has has been recovered newly by myself, and the lost sim found by unknown person, can he use it for whatsapp activities? (previous sim)

        1. Dear Mr.Abbas Ali,

          Perhaps your mobile company will not allow this. The company will disable the previous lost sim. However, it is better if you contact the franchise shop of your mobile company. They will tell you the actual position.

          Best wishes.

      2. 866781045599907
        sir ye mery mobail ka imei he is ko block karna he
        ye gum ho gya he

        1. Dear Mr.Uzair Akram,

          Aap CPLC (Citizens-Police Liaison Committee) kay numbers pay call kar kay apna gumshuda mobile BLOCK karwa saktay hain.

          (1) CPLC Ph.No.021-35662222
          (2) CPLC Ph.No.021-35682222
          (3) CPLC Helpline (24/7) : 1102

          CPLC aap kay mobile ko 24 ghantay kay andar BLOCK kar dega. Jab kabhi police kisi mobile-chor say mobiles baraamad karti hay tau police yeh mobiles CPLC ya PTA kay hawalay kar deti hay. Agar aap ka mobile bhi inn mobiles main hoga tau CPLC ya PTA aap ko message kar daingay.

          CPLC ko complain karnay kay baad mobile ki mojooda position (status) maloom karnay kay liay:-

          1) Kisi bhi mobile say 8484 pay gum-shuda mobile ka IMEI number send karain
          2) CPLC link pay IMEI daalain:
          3) PTA kay link pay IMEI type karain :


  2. Asm sir mara Mobile gur sa gum ho gy ha bokes bi ni ha ma kasa imei number lu sim ti us mobile ka Ander or Emil ki eid bi ni pata my whtseep number 966581485746 plz help me

    1. Dear Mr.Umair,

      Aap kay paas IMEI number nahi hay aur mobile ka dabba (box) bhi nahi hay. Dabbay pay IMEI numbers likhay hotay hain. Agar aap kay paas mobile ki raseed (receipt) hay tau uspay check karain. Baaz auqaat shop waalay mobile kay Model kay ilawa IMEI Number bhi likh detay hain. Email ki ID say IMEI number nahi mil sakta.


    1. Dear Mr.Sohaib,

      Perhaps your mobile has been lost or stolen. First of all, please call CPLC (Citizens-Police Liaison Committee) to block your lost mobile. Numbers are given below:-

      (1) CPLC Ph.No.021-35662222
      (2) CPLC Ph.No.021-35682222
      (3) CPLC Helpline (24/7): 1102

      CPLC will block your mobile. If they give you a Complaint Number, please save it with you. If your mobile is found, CPLC will tell you by SMS.

      To know the present position (status) of your mobile:-

      a) Send your IMEI number on 8484 from any mobile
      b) Click here and type your IMEI Number :


      1. Dear Mr.Aijaz Ali,

        Box pay IMEI numbers hain. Aap CPLC ko inn numbers pay call kar kay complain likhwa dain. Aap ka mobile block hojaega:-

        (1) CPLC Ph.No.021-35662222
        (2) CPLC Ph.No.021-35682222
        (3) CPLC Helpline (24/7) : 1102


    1. Dear Mr.Waqar,

      Agar aapka mobile two SIM wala tha tau baari baari dono IMEI numbers ko 8484 pay send karain. Aapkay mobile ki tafseel ajaegi. Iskay baad CPLC kay neechay diay huay numbers pay call kar kay foran shikayat darj karwa dain. Agar CPLC aapko koi Complain Number deta hay tau iss number ko bohot sambhaal kar rakhain. Agar Complain Number naa milay tau bhi koi problem nahi:-

      (1) CPLC No. 021-35662222
      (2) CPLC No. 021-35682222
      (3) CPLC Help Line : 1102 (Rozana 24-ghantay service)

      Iskay baad aapka mobile phone block ho jaega aur CPLC waalay hi trace kartay rahengay. Agar mobile mil gaya tau CPLC aapko SMS kay zaryay bata dega.

      Phir, waqtan fawaqtan aap bhi 8484 pay IMEI number bhej kar mobile ki soorat-e-haal maloom kar saktay hain aur neechay diay huay PTA kay link pay bhi IMEI bhej kar dekh saktay hain:-


      1. If your number is blocked, please call to your mobile company. After telling the reason, they will open your number.

        (Call from any Mobile or PTCL line) :-

        Ufone : 111-333-100
        JAZZ (Mobilink) : 111-300-300
        Telenor : 111-345-100
        Warid : 111-111-321
        Zong : 111-222-111


  3. Mera mobile phone snatch ho gya by, online complaint kesy krni hy plz bata dain. Mera cell number 03142141064 hy.

    1. Muhammad Saqib Sahib,

      Aapka mobile snatch hogaya hay. Iskay liay CPLC (City Police Liaison Committee) kay is link ko click karain aur apnay dono IMEI numbers baari baari daalain:-

      Iskay ilawa CPLC kay neechay diay huay numbers pay phone kar kay bhi apni shikaayat darj karwa dain:
      (1) 021-35662222
      (2) 021-35682222
      (3) Help Line : 1102 (Rozana 24-ghantay service)

      Iskay baad aapka mobile phone block ho jaega aur CPLC waalay hi trace kartay rahengay. Agar mobile mil gaya tau CPLC aapko SMS kay zaryay bata dega.

      Best Regards,

      1. Dear,
        I tried multiple times to open the link but very sorry am failed to open the weblink
        but physically I complained in relate police station last night but the mention number of ASI is not answering since from night is there any other way to follow up, or check the process about complaint status. or how I know that my cell now is on track or not because I don’t receive any notification or something like.

    1. Ms.Maryam,

      Aapki both sims jis company ki hain (Ufone, Telenor, etc.) uski Franchise pay original CNIC lay ker jaen. Woh aapko dono sims kay number bata daingay. Franchise waalay sims convert karnay main bhi help karaingay.


  4. Sir
    This is my complain number(1280746) mobile vivo 1718 IMEI 1:866948039338119 IMEI ny apna mobile block krwaya ta dated K bad ma ny isy un block krwaya dated 29.1.2021. Lakin mobile Abi takh service nhe dy rha plz Meri mobile open ya unblock krny Ki request accept kr dn.
    Rizwan Mehmood S/O
    Sheikh Mehmood Ahmed
    ID # 37405-5797438-3
    Mob# 0345-5556581

    1. Dear Mr.Rizwan,

      Actually hamara kaam public ko guide karna hay keh unka problem konsa idaara kar sakta hay. Hamaaray paas koi bhi direct ikhtiyar nahi hay.

      Hamain afsos hay keh hum aapki direct koi help nahi karsaktay. Isliay, hamari tajveez hay keh aap CPLC, PTA yaa apki mobile service (Ufone,Telenor,etc.) say koshish karain. Thanks.

      Wish you goodluck,

  5. Aslam O Alakum,

    Respected sir,

    My driving license has been expired on 01 Aug 2020. I see the fee structure 5 years (Car + Motor Cycle) for renewal after 30 days is Rs. 1860. I want to know that penalty will be pay for the 2 months & what is process for license renewal?

    Rana Sajid Anwar

    1. Dear Mr. Rana Sajid,

      Walaykum Assalam.

      Renewal of your driving license is very easy. You can go to any driving license branch near to your residence. The penalty for delay is not so heavy. Following documents are required:-

      1) Your original CNIC and one photocopy
      2) Your original Driving License

      Within 7 days, you will receive your license through Couriers / TCS. For more useful details, please click on our following link:-
      With best wishes,

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